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Now serving Aint-Bad magazine

Now serving Aint-Bad magazine

We are pleased to announce that you can now find Aint-Bad magazine on the Pro Photo Supply bookshelf. Founded in Savannah, Georgia by a group of emerging photographers, Aint-Bad represents a progressive community of photographers from around the globe. In its pages, you won’t find gear hype or tutorials, just pure photography designed to inspire your brain, heart, and soul. From their website: Continue Reading

Lens Choices for Outdoor Photography

Lens Choices for Outdoor Photography

This post is also published at Outdoor Project. Outdoor Project is a local company committed to helping you find, plan, and enjoy your next adventure!

From the snowcapped peaks of the Cascade Range to the windswept waters of the Columbia River Gorge, the Pacific Northwest is a big draw for outdoor enthusiasts. With adventure waiting around every corner, there is also ample photographic opportunity. So when you next hear the call of the wild, here are the best lenses for capturing wildlife, portraits, and landscapes on your journey. As with all creative endeavors, rules are meant to be broken, so we have included a notable exception within each category. In addition, and of most interest to experienced shooters, you will find a pro tip at the end of each category to enhance the learning objective!

Oh wait, before we begin, a note about crop factor. Many cameras user smaller sensors, and thus have crop factor compared to full-frame (35mm) cameras. Non full-frame models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fuji have a crop factor of 1.5X (Canon’s is technically 1.6X). Micro Four Thirds cameras (Panasonic, Olympus) have a crop factor of 2X. This means a 100mm lens on a MFT camera looks like a 200mm on a full-frame camera. (For a full explanation of what this means, see this article.)

Okay, now on with the show! Continue Reading

New Product – Nanuk Nano Cases

New Product – Nanuk Nano Cases

We’ve always been fans of Nanuk cases, and now they have a brand new product that we’re particularly excited about—if for no other reason than all the color options. The Nanuk Nano series, as they’re calling it, features three sizes of delightfully-colored small cases to keep your personal effects safe. Built of magical plastic, Nanuk claims the cases are water resistant, impact resistant, dust proof, and crush proof (they are not, it should be noted, waterproof, so don’t take them diving or use them as bath toys. Well, at least not with something important inside them.) Continue Reading

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