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Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 review: Game time

The fact that I can walk onto the sidelines of a football game for the first time, plop my monopod down, switch the camera to aperture priority, fire away at 11 frames-per-second, and actually get decent results is a testament to how good modern cameras and lenses have become.

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Canon XC10 Review: Hybrid theory

All new digital cameras, whether they’re considered to be primarily for still photography or video, are capable of producing both types of images. The ability to create either from a single camera is one of the biggest breakthroughs that digital photography has... read more

Community News

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Photo Contest Results

For several years now, we’ve partnered with Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge on a photo contest. Of all the contests we sponsor, this one has consistently yielded some of the most stunning, awe-inspiring photographs year after year. This year is no... read more

Oregon Humane Society Pet Photo Contest Results

Another fun Fuzzy, Furry, and Feathered Friends Photo Contest has come to a close. Each year, this contest draws a collection of touching, hilarious, or otherwise creative depictions of pets that we love looking at. This year’s winners will walk away with gift... read more

Film Photo Contest Winners Announced

Film photography may not be as popular as it once was, but as the results of this photo contest prove, there are still photographers shooting film and producing great results. At Pro Photo Supply, we’re thankful to be embedded in a community that continues to... read more

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